• Bone Okimono


    An okimono may be a small Japanese carving, similar to, but larger than netsuke. Unlike netsuke, which have a specific purpose, okimono are purely decorative and are displayed in the tokonoma. An okimono can be made out of wood, ivory, ceramic or metal.

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  • Contemporary netsuke, fish, miniature sculpture

    Netsuke- Contemporary

    Contemporary netsuke, miniature sculptures from craftsman who produce  extraordinary detail with exemplary skill. A continuation of the 17th century Japanese tradition of imbuing a functional pouch toggle with artistic expression to create a collectible item.

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  • Ojime bead


    An ojime, "cord fastener" is a bead used in Japanese inrō (carrying cases). It is typically under an inch in length. Each is carved into a particular shape and image, similar to the netsuke, though smaller. It is used to fasten the cord of the inrō so that it does not unstack while carried.

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  • Inro, showing open sectors
    Inro, showing open sectors


    An "Inro" is a traditional Japanese case for holding small objects, suspended from the obi (sash) worn around the waist when wearing a kimono. They are often highly decorated with various materials such as lacquer and various techniques such as maki-e, and are more decorative than other Japanese lacquerware.

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