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Wood Shunga netsuke with seated lady and child.
This very good wood netsuke has a lady seated with bear breast, and a child in her arms. The underside has within the himotoshi her privates, I like the way when the cord knot sat inside it covered her up.
Mid 19th C
High 40mm – 41mm wide.
Code W422

Wood netsuke with Daruma, Signed Hogan ?.
This good and classic Shumin style wood netsuke has Daruma seated in meditation. Eyes and nipples are inlaid as are the himotoshi linings.  Signed on bottom Hogen but unsure on the rest could read Kazutomo .
Late 18th Early 19th C
High 40mm – 43mm wide.
Code W421

Wood netsuke with a Sneezer, Signed Gyokkei.
This good and typical wood netsuke with a professional sneezer his tickling stick in stained ivory as are the himotoshi lining. I like the way his hair has slipped from the jolt of a sneeze. Signed on bottom Gyokkei.
19th C
High 34mm – 35mm wide.
Code W420
£685 Reserved.

Wood netsuke with a toad on well bucket, Signed Masanao (Yamada).

This classic subject with the frog on top of a well bucket. Signed on the back Masanao Yamada school.
Early 19th C
High 32mm – 27mm wide.
Code W416

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