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Negoro lacquer wood netsuke of Fukusuke.
This good negoro lacquer boxwood netsuke has a seated fukusuke seated with a saki bottle in one hand and a saki cup over his face drinking. complete with tomobako with the inscription Fukusuke Red Lacquer Netsuke.
26mm high – 32mm wide.
Code W354
£480 C Reserved.



Wood netsuke of Daruma.
This unsigned stained wood daruma netsuke has a great expression on his face with inlaid ivory teeth and eyes with the pupil inset in light horn.
34mm high – 21mm wide.
Code W350


Wood netsuke of revellers.
This is a great fun little wood netsuke with a pair on the way home after one of them has had a bit to much to drink. While the drunk one is singing and dancing the other has a look of annoyance and holding on to him to stop him falling over. great wear and patina.
34mm high – 30mm wide.
Code W349


Umimatsu netsuke of a dog on a rock.

This superb section of Umimatsu (sea coral) has a simple form but very well executed. the dog looks to have pi bald markings due to the natural pattern in the material.
22mm high – 40mm wide.
Code W346

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