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Wood netsuke Monkey and young Signed Masanao.
Superb netsuke with an adult monkey with her young over her shoulders. inlaid eyes and teeth, signed on the bottom Masanao (of Isle) In some pictures you can see some green tinge this is the boxwood and many of his best work was from this type of wood.
19th C
High 32mm – 30mm wide.
Code W401

Wood manju netsuke as a pillow with Mon.
Good unusual manju netsuke could be a depiction of a wedding pillow the coming together of two families. The 16 petal Chrysanthemum mon is imperial this would make this a high ranking owner. The mon are in lacquer.
Late 18C early 19th
High 12mm – 44mm wide.
Code W400

Wood netsuke Monkey with young, signed Masachika.
Superbly detailed boxwood netsuke with a Monkey resting on a huge pumpkin while her young sits on her back, a tendril loops over her back and the baby is pulling at it. Signed on leg Masachika known for his monkey groups, eyes inlaid.
Late 19C
High 34mm – 34mm wide.
Code W399


Cinnabar lacquer netsuke with an alter table.
Very good Cinnabar lacquer netsuke with an alter table or stand very finely carved in super condition. the top has a figure offering a peach up to the moon.
Late 18C
High 19mm – 32mm wide.
Code W397

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