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Wood Netsuke with a sleeping cat. 
Charming wood Netsuke with a sleeping cat with well toned patina and good anatomy. The underside with nice paw detail and possibly an old signature rubbed. Fine hair work and a peaceful feel.
Late 18th -19th C
High 22mm – 41mm wide.
Code W461
£600 Reserved.

Wood Netsuke with a Kappa on Clam, signed Minkoku.
Exceptional dark wood Netsuke with a Kappa on top of a clam having got his foot stuck in the edge. The detail in the face is sublime the double inlay eyes and the tiny fangs give great realism to the expression. The shell ends and the lip are also inlaid, signed on the bottom Minkoku.
19th C
High 34mm – 36mm wide.
Code W460


Wood Manju Netsuke with silver dragon plate.
This highly detailed silver plate has a huge dragon holding onto his Tama. Expertly installed into a wooden manju form. Most likely a older sword or pouch ornament.
Late 19th C
High 42mm – 80mm wide.
Code W459

Wood Chestnut Netsuke with fly, signed Tanaka Minko.
An outstanding wood Netsuke with a Chestnut the front has a fly in ivory the carving is quite unbelievable, it also has a small articulated maggot that pops out a hole. Signed on the bottom with Kakihan Minko.
Late 18th early 19th C
High 31mm – 40mm wide.
Code W458


Wood Mask netsuke with possibly Beshimi.
A nice dark wood Mask Netsuke with the face of Beshimi or another Noh actor.
19th C
High 52mm – 38mm wide.
Code W457

Wood Mask netsuke with Shikami.
A good Mask Netsuke with the face of Shikami.
19th C
High 45mm – 30mm wide.
Code W456

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