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19C wood netsuke of a masseur (amma) Signed Masayuki.
superb 19C carved wood netsuke of seated masseur with client in front of him. single himotoshi and a nice patina. Signed on the bottom Masayuki Tokyo school.
Size 34mm High.
Code : W102

Wood netsuke of seated coral diver.
Ebony wood netsuke of a seated coral diver seated with a pot with a setion of coral in it. double inlaid eyes.
Height 37mm – 32mm wide.
Code : W248
£700 C

Wood Netsuke with a pup warming next to a brazier.
very nice ebony Netsuke of a pup with a lead on and warming itself next to a brazier. The burner inside is hard to see but its inside. Signed on the bottom Sansha.
Height 28mm – 38mm Wide.
Code W276
£425 C 

Wood Netsuke of a yawning Daruma.
Super wood Netsuke of Daruma stretching after his meditation. Eyes double inlaid with ivory and horn. Repair on toe.
Height 38mm – 53mm Wide.
Code W275
£475 C 

Negaro Wood Netsuke of a karako.
Quality wood Netsuke in the negoro lacquer style. With a karako standing with a scroll over his back.
Mid 19th C
Height 44mm – 22mm Wide.
Code W292
£550 C

Wood Netsuke of a skull with skeleton on top.
Good wood Netsuke with a skeleton clambering on a skull. Skeleton head repaired.
19th C
Height 35mm – 30mm Wide.
Code W299
£650 C

Wood netsuke with a shishi in negoro laquer.
Quality wood Netsuke with negoro laquer of a shishi on base.
Mid 19C
Height 30mm – 44mm Wide.
Code W312
£550 C

Wood netsuke with Jurojin.
Good wood Netsuke with a seated jurojin.
Height 57mm – 35mm Wide.
Code W311
£600 C

Wood netsuke with a Kanu standing.
Quality wood Netsuke with a standing Kanu. Good patina.
late 18th early 19C
Height 60mm – 30mm Wide.
Code W318
£800 C

Wood netsuke with resting Daikoku.
Superb quality wood Netsuke with daikoku resting on his sack. Signed on the base..
Mid 19C
Height 30mm – 44mm Wide.
Code W315
£2400 C

Wood netsuke with Shoki and Oni, signed Tomochika.
Very nice wood Netsuke with Shoki holding a pounder while an Oni is getting in the way. Signed on the bottom Tomochika.
Height 36mm – 30mm Wide.
Code W320

Wood netsuke of a Sage.
This red lacquer wood netsuke has a standing sage with his hands in his sleeves.
45mm high – 23mm wide.
Code W345
£350 C

Wood mask netsuke of Okame, signed with kakihan.
Very good box wood netsuke with a mask of okame, good patina. Signed with Kakihan
High 40mm – 15mm deep.
Code W342
£580 C

Wood manju netsuke of a bird, signed Kansai.
This good wood netsuke of a stylised bird has a kneeling fisherman in lacquer. signed on the back in lacquer Kansai.
similar manju in S L Moss Page 77.
High 40mm – 15mm deep.
Code W340

Wood sashi netsuke of Baku.
This extremly rare sashi netsuke has the head of a baku, but fins of an aquatic beast. Red and green laquer with traces of gold.
Late 18C
High 25mm – 210mm Wide.
Code W337
£2300 C

Wood netsuke of wrestling monkeys
Good ebony wood netsuke with a pair of monkeys wrestling. Chip on one monkey’s toe.
Late 18C
High 36mm – 28mm Wide.
Code W336
£500 C

Wood netsuke of figure, signed Minko.
A very cute wood netsuke has a great expression on his face and full of movement. Signed on the base Minko.
48mm high – 28mm wide.
Code W352

Wood netsuke of a dog with collar signed.
Very nice wood netsuke with a dog crouching down wearing a collar which has traces of red stain. Signed on the base with inscription but deciphered.
Late 18C
Height 21mm – 48mm wide.
Code : W362

Wood netsuke of a bamboo node.
Nice wood netsuke carved to resemble a bamboo node with applied metal mount with monkeys.
Early 19C
Height 51mm – 18mm wide.
Code : W361

Wood netsuke of Ono-no-komachi.
Unusual depiction of ono-no-komachi of her as a skeleton seated on a grave post. Signed but rubbed.
High 36mm – 40mm Wide.
Code W359

Wood netsuke of a Shishi.
Rare wood shishi with lacquer and gold traces with deep himotoshi and inlaid pearl eyes.
Height 35mm – 50mm wide.
Code : W365
£700 C

Wood netsuke with an oni in a box.
Nice wood netsuke with a oni hiding in a box trying to escape from setsuban beans being thrown at him.
Size 22mm high – 35mm wide.
Code : W376

Wood netsuke with a Shishi signed Masamitsu.
Superb crisp wood netsuke with a Shishi very typical of Masamitsu work loose ball in tama. Signed Masamitsu Nagoya.
Size 30mm high – 40mm wide.
Code : W380

Wood manju netsuke with Daruma signed Sukesada.
Good large wood ittobori netsuke with daruma, inset eyes. Signed Sukesada.
Size 34mm high – 48mm wide.
Code : W379

Nut netsuke with badger looking up at the moon, signed Ichigyoku Saki
This nut or seed pot is thought to be from the Entada Phaseoloides tree it has other common names like the monkey ladder tree and sea beans as they float around the world. it has a very well carved Tanuki seated looking up at the moon, the reverse is signed Ichigyoku saki (Kezuri) Carved by.
Late 18thC – early 19thC.
Size 60mm high – 50mm wide.
Code : W387

Wood netsuke with toad on sandal, signed Ryumin.
High quality carved wood netsuke with a Toad on a straw sandal with inset inlay eyes in horn. Fine carving very much the Meiji style. Signed on the bottom Ryumin (3rd).
Late 19thC.
Size 30mm high – 56mm wide.
Code : W393

Wood netsuke with Futen stealing the pagoda.
Very good wood netsuke with Futen running on clouds as he flees after stealing the Pagoda.
Early 19C
High 45mm – 38mm deep.
Code W395

Wood netsuke with Shoki & Oni, signed Jugyoko.
Super fruit wood netsuke with Shoki pinning down an Oni. Eyes and horns inlaid, signed on the foot Jugyoku (Ryukosai)
Mid 19C
High 38mm – 42mm wide.
Code W398

Wood netsuke Tiger, Signed Masanao.
Superb netsuke with a Tiger snarling and looking out, the detail are fantastic from the paws to the face. Signed on the bottom Masanao (of Isle)
19th C
High 30mm – 36mm wide.
Code W404

Wood Mask netsuke of Hotei, Signed.
One of those masks that just makes you smile back. Good patina, and signed on the back bar.
Early 19th C
High 41mm – 38mm wide.
Code W406

Wood netsuke of a shishi as a shishimai.
Great fun netsuke with a shishi pretending to be a shishimai.
19th C
High 32mm – 32mm wide.
Code W405

Wood netsuke with a tied up Hotei.
Ebony netsuke with Hotei tied up in a bundle his fan coming out the side.
Early 19th C
High 25mm – 32mm wide.
Code W412

Wood netsuke with a Mask of Okame, Signed Masatsugu.
This fine detailed mask of Okame is good size and an interesting depiction. Signed on the back Masatsugu.
Early 19th C
High 66mm – 47mm wide.
Code W415

Wood netsuke with a Mask of Okame, Signed Hidesada.
This small but beautiful mask of Okame has nice wear and patina. Signed on the back Hidesada.
Provenance: Ex Guest, Ex H.L.Joly and Ex Hindson see page 288 of the M T Hindson book.
Early 19th C
High 32mm – 30mm wide.
Code W414

Wood netsuke with a South sea Islander.
This good tall wood netsuke has a South Sea Islander standing with a drum on his shoulder the studs inlaid in horn.
18th C
High 92mm – 28mm wide.
Code W419
£2,000 C

Wood netsuke with Ryujin.
This superb wood netsuke has Ryujin standing on one leg holding an open ball with a loose ball inside. Good patina.
Early 19th C
High 65mm – 30mm wide.
Code W418
£2,200 C

Wood netsuke with Shells, Signed  Sari, Iwashiro Province.
This superb wood netsuke is of a group of shells one of Sari’s most favourite subject’s. This netsuke has all his best traits, the use of gesso to evoke the feel of decay and small shells, small seaweed inlay. Signed on the back  Sari, Iwashiro Province.
Early 19th C
High 24mm – 40mm wide.
Code W417

Wood netsuke with Dragon curled amongst smoke.
Super box wood netsuke with a coiled dragon holding a pearl while smoke swirls around him. Eye inlaid in horn.
Late 18th Early 19th C
High 43mm – 44mm wide.
Code W423

Wood netsuke with boy and Ox.
Nice detail in this dark wood netsuke the boy is trying to climb on the ox.
Late 18th Early 19th C
High 33mm – 40mm wide.
Code W425

Wood netsuke with Raiden on drum.
Fine detail in this light wood netsuke has Raiden sitting on top of a huge drum while tipping clouds and wind from his gourd. Studs and eyes inlaid in dark horn. Signed on reverse with Kaho.
Ex Sotheby’s
19th C
High 45mm – 29mm wide.
Code W427

Wood netsuke with a seated monkey
Good detailed wood netsuke with a seated monkey in a happi jacket.
Early 19th C poss late 18th.
High 40mm – 25mm wide.
Code W429

Wood netsuke with Hotei in sack.
Super detailed wood netsuke with Hotei inside a huge tied up sack, he sits peacefully reading. Himotoshi has his fan giving a very nice detail to the underside.
Early 19th C
High 33mm – 52mm wide.
Code W431

Wood netsuke with a Monkey mask Ex Bushell.
Super woodmask netsuke with a monkey face, good detail in the eyes.
Ex Bushell collection, See Netsuke masks plate 305 and rear cover of slip case.
Early 19th C
High 40mm – 32mm wide.
Code W436

Wood netsuke with Songoku monkey, signed Mitsunobu
Super wood netsuke with the Songoku monkey on top of his cloud, fine details. his hand on his head and a face displaying a feeling that he has lost his head piece.
Early 19th C
High 52mm – 27mm wide.
Code W435

Wood mask netsuke with a Kitsune.
Very good wood mask netsuke with the face of a Kitsune (fox) the eyes are studded in metal.
Early 19th C
High 42mm – 31mm wide.
Code W437

Wood netsuke with a pair of toads, signed Masaneo.
Super wood netsuke with a small toad perched on a larger toads back, superb detailed carving and texture, Typical Masaneo eyes with elongated pupils. Natural himotoshi on leg. Signed on base in polished reserve Masaneo (of Isle)
Early 19th C
High 28mm – 38mm wide.
Code W440

singlepic=7942,175,220,,left]Ivory Netsuke with a court Samurai throwing setsubun beans.
Very nice netsuke with a figure standing on his robes (nagabakama long pantaloons) in the act of throwing setsubun beans while shouting Oni wa soto.
Height 41mm – 23mm wide. 19th C
Code : 386
£800 C 

Ivory netsuke of 2 boys playing signed Ryomin.
Superb ivory netsuke of 2 boys playing fantastic details, with horn inlays on the drum. Signed on the base Ryomin.
Size 30mm High – 40mm Wide.
Code : 286
£1400 C 

Ivory netsuke of 3 boys playing signed Ono Ryoko.
Superb ivory netsuke of 3 boys playing fantastic details. Signed on the base Ono Ryoko with Kakihan.
Size 26mm High – 35mm Wide.
Code : 285
£1400 C 

Ivory netsuke of a standing Shojo.
Good standing ivory netsuke with a standing shojo with her ladle (hishaku ladle) over her shoulder. Nice patina.
Size 66mm high – 26mm wide. 19th C
Code : 449

Ivory manju netsuke with a Karako signed Komin Ichiyeisai.
Ivory manju netsuke with a karako upon a gourd tying it up, the back with egg plant and duck. Signed Komin Ichiyeisai (School of Kojitsu).
Size 45mm wide – 20mm thick.
Early 19th C
Code : 452

Ivory netsuke of Fugen Bosatsu & Kimi signed Tomoyuki.

Good ivory netsuke with Fugen Bosatsu and Kimi on the back of an elephant. Signed Tomoyuki.
Size 33mm high – 35mm wide.
19th C
Code : 459

Ivory netsuke of an Ox Signed.
Good ivory carving of a recumbent Ox. Signed on the base.
Size 25mm high – 43mm wide.
19th C
Code : 472

Stag antler netsuke with a standing figure.
Nice Antler netsuke with standing man his hands in his sleeves.
Size 53mm high – 20mm wide.
Late 18th C early 19th C
Code : 474
£325 C

Ivory netsuke with Jourjin on stag signed Mitsutsugu.
Superb Osaka school ivory netsuke with Jourjin riding a stag and reading a scroll, scroll ends inlaid in horn size. Signed on the base Mitsutsugu. Old collection label from a private UK collector.
Size 48mm high – 36mm wide. 19th C
Code : 494

Antler mask of Fukurokuju.
Great antler netsuke with the head of Fukurokuju good details and wear.
Size 62mm high – 25mm wide.
19th C
Code : 505

Ivory netsuke with a mask signed Gyokuzan.
Great marine ivory Jurojin mask netsuke. Signed Gyokuzan.
Size 34mm high – 24mm wide.
Late 18th C early
19th C
Code : 478
£425 C

Ivory netsuke with Kiyohime on bell, signed Masakazu.
Superb hard to find subject with Kiyohime entwined around the bell. Superb patina and details, and fine work eyes inlaid in horn. Size 45mm high – 32mm wide.
18th C
Code : 531

Copper and Shakudo netsuke with a Uchiwa fan.
Unusual netsuke in the form of an Uchiwa (solid) fan, Copper and shakudo with the sides in gold and the front has been laquered and has a small ladybird on it.
Size 50mm high – 40mm wide.
18th C
Code : 551
£400 C

Ivory & shibayama manju netsuke with wood bowl.
unusual netsuke with an ivory centre representing a kagamibuta lid, the plate inlaid with tortoise shell, silver and lacquer. A fan and fire flies.
Size 45mm wide- 14mm thick.
Early 19th C
Code : 581
£550 C

Ivory netsuke with a Shishi on base.
Nice typical ivory netsuke with a shishi in seated pose on rounded rectangle base. Super patina.
Size 43mm high- 38mm wide.
18th C
Code : 599
£800 C

 Ivory netsuke with Kocho no Yume, signed Masanao.
This very , very rare theme netsuke tells the story with Kocho no Yume and the butterfly. It has some wear but retains much of its charm, couple of smoothed chips. Signed on the bottom Masanao.
Size 40mm high- 40mm wide.
19th C
Code : 601
£1000 C