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Silver Ojime of a standing Tanuki.
Super solid silver ojime with a staff he is posing as a priest holding a rosary this is overlaid with gold as is the staff and ruff around his neck. This would clean up well, but we will only do it if buyer requests it.
Height 23mm.
Code OJ135

Gold Ojime with locust.
Super pure gold pierced ojime with locust and bell flowers.
19th C
Height 16mm.
Code OJ134

Gold Ojime.
Super solid gold ojime with strap work and gold wire, nice weight.
Height 15mm.
Code OJ133

Ojime in lacquer  with a dragon.
Nice pair of ojime the first antler with pomegranate. the second a sennin with dragon coming from an alms bowl , in red lacquer.
Antler Height 17mm. SOLD
Red laquer Height 20mm – 19mm Wide.
Code OJ131

Wood Ojime of Mouse, Signed Hako.
Fine detailed box wood mouse in classic pose. with inset eyes. Himotoshi in silver. Signed Hako.
Contemporary carver Hako.
Height 19mm – 19mm Wide.
Code H15


Wood Ojime of Daruma, Signed Hako.
Very amusing ojime with daruma with inset eyes. Himotoshi in silver. Signed Hako.
Contemporary carver Hako.
Height 19mm – 19mm Wide.
Code H14


Rare nut Ojime with 2 masks signed Sakiyo Masahide.
Very rare nut ojime with a mask of Okame and a demon. both have inlaid silver eyes. Signed Sakiyo Masahide (Masahide Kurogawa of Nagasaki) 18C The artist is known for his coconuts and walnuts. There is an example in the Baur Collections Geneva.
Height 18mm


Silver and gold Ojime with Ribbon design.
Superb silver & gold ojime with ribbon panels. First glanse you miss the true quality, with the himotoshi with gold, and fine work around it.
Height 23mm


Silver Ojime with 3 oval panels.
High quality silver ojime with 3 panels with pine branch, flower head and bamboo section. Each panel has a gold inset detail.
Height 14mm


Silver and gold Ojime with flower heads.
Superb Silver ojime with gold flowers set in the border. Note this is not bashed on the edge but designed this way.
Diameter 15mm


Metal Ojime with reef knot design.
Simple ojime with reef knot design. Good size.
Height 25mm


Silver Ojime with dragon panels.
Unusual silver ojime with 3 panels with dragons on a black background design.
Height 17mm


Gold Ojime with mon panels.
Superb gold ojime with mon panels in a geometric design.
Height 13mm


Gold Ojime with hibiscus and butterfly, signed Ju.
Superb gold ojime with hibiscus flowers and a butterfly, signed on the side Ju.
Height 13mm


Gold Ojime with 2 sparrows & Plants, signed.
Superb gold ojime with 2 sparrows flying over flowers. Very clever design where the birds are on plain background and foliage on pierced background giving good depth. Signed in reserve.
Private Italian Collection.
Height 11mm


Rare Gold Ojime with flowers in coral.
Superb gold ojime with inset coral flowers, signed on the side with kakihan.
Height 14mm


Gold Ojime with 7 Autumn flowers.
Superb gold ojime of a very good size, with flower designs very crisp carving, and finely pierced.
Height 19mm

Gold Ojime with flowers and pearls.
Superb gold ojime with inlaid seed pearls to the centre of some flowers. Very unusual design.
Height 14mm


Gold Ojime with vase and flowers,signed Mitsutoshi.
Superb gold ojime with a vase and flowers with a butterfly above. Signed Mitsutoshi.
Height 14mm


Mixed metal Ojime with a shojo, signed Temin.
Superb mixed gold and silver ojime with a standing Shojo with fan. Signed Temin on the bottom.
Height 19mm

Ivory Ojime of boy Tokyo School.
Very high quality ivory ojime of a seated boy. The detail and condition is superb. Probably Ono school Tokyo
Height 19mm


Gold Ojime with hibiscus and bird.
Superb gold ojime with hibiscus flowers and bell flowers amongst foliage with a small bird looking out. Pierced design of the best quality.
Provenance S.L.Moss More Things in Heaven and Earth.
Private Italian collection
Height 15mm

Gold Ojime with Chrysanthemums.
This small pierced gold ojime has superb crisp carving with chrysanthemums.
Private Italian collection.
Height 11mm

Gold Ojime with beetle and dragonfly.
Superb quality gold ojime pierced design with foliage and a beetle and dragonfly.
Provenance S.L.Moss More Things in Heaven and Earth.
Height 14mm


Gold filigree Ojime.
Unusual gold ojime in the filligree abstract design.
Private Italian collection.
Height 14mm

Silver pierced Ojime with panels, signed Kiyotsugu.
Good quality silver ojime with two fan shaped panels with pierced flower designs. Signed Kiyotsugu
Height 13mm

Silver Ojime with ribbed design.
Simple silver ojime with ribbed design.
Height 13mm
late 19C

Round ivory Ojime with 4 pippies.
Very nice ivory ojime with a 4 puppies entwined inlaid eyes some replaced. Good patina.
Meiji Period.
Height 18mm

Silver Ojime with gold gilt, Signed Tenmin.
Very nice cylinder ojime with a bird on a branch, the flowers depicted in Gold gilt. Signed on raised rectangle Tenmin.
Edo Period.
Height 20mm

IvoryOjime of Daruma.
Good ivory ojime of daruma, Good patina.
Height 15mm

Ivory Ojime of globular form.
Good Ivory ojime with leaf and key-fret design.
Height 15mm

Wood Monkey netsuke signed Koichi.
Good quality wood netsuke of a monkey picking fleas out its fur, good hair work and typical Koichi double inset eyes..
Size 31mm High.
Code : W368

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