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Ivory shunga Netsuke with a seated nude.
Great ivory shunga netsuke, with a seated figure drying herself, superb details.
Height 23mm – 25mm wide.
19th C
Code : 374

Ivory Netsuke of a Dutchman.
Good ivory netsuke with a standing dutchman with a sack over his shoulder. Note the wide nose and big ears, typical in carvers over elaborate view of westeners. Great patina and nice himotoshi.
Height 56mm – 26mm wide.
19th C
Code : 370

Ivory Netsuke of Daruma. Signed Shugyoko.
Good ivory netsuke with Daruma standing on his fan crossing the river. Old chip on hair rounded off, signed on the back Shugyoko.
Height 60mm – 24mm wide.
19th C
Code : 369

Ivory Netsuke of a Hare. Kyoto school.
This ivory Hare is as good as you get unsigned but very much in the style of Yoshinaga. Identical to the one in Hindson which is unsigned as well. Formed as a half moon with white ivory. The Lunar hare is a classic Kyoto image. Eyes inlaid with Carnelian. Restoration on paw, it looks as if its fallen of due to shrinkage lines follow the same path.
Height 27mm – 48mm wide.
18th C
Code : 365

Ivory Netsuke of Soga no goro & Asahina Saburo, signed Hidemasa.
Very unusual  and quite rare subject, ivory netsuke with Soga-No-Goro & Asahina Saburo in the Kusazuri biki exploit. Signed Hidemasa in reserve.
Height 40mm.
19th C
Code : 356

Ivory Netsuke of a clam.
Good old unusual netsuke with 3 pearls inside a clamsdream. pine tree and cherry trees on the sides. Good patina.
Height 28mm – 34mm Wide.
18th C
Code : 339

Ivory Netsuke Nobleman on horseback, Signed Shounsai Juei.
Super ivory netsuke with a nobleman on his horse attendant leading him a dog following. The base has a fantastic grain pattern. Signed on the bottom Shounsai Juei.
Height 42mm – 48mm Wide.
Mid 19th C
Code : 335

Ivory Netsuke with monkeys in a tree.
unusual tooth netsuke with 2 monkeys hiding in a pine tree as an eagle looks down on them, Super colour.
Height 53mm – 20mm Wide.
Code : 329

Antler netsuke, of a green dragon, signed Guy Shaw.
Superb antler Netsuke, stained green with a coiled dragon amongst clouds and smoke. Signed in gold plaque Guy shaw.
Ex The Francois Storno Collection.
20th C
Height 30mm – 50mm wide.
Code : 320

Ivory shibayama manju netsuke, of flowers.
good 2 part ivory manju Netsuke of flowers and a butterfly.
Ex Karl M Schwarz
Diameter 48mm.
Code : 304

Ivory netsuke of a monkey, signed Masatami.
Superb and classic Netsuke, of a monkey seated with a persimmon fruit. Signed on the bottom Masatami.
Height 32mm – 34mm Wide.
Code : 302

Ivory mask netsuke of a Kitsune, signed Hako.
Super mask netsuke with the head of Kitsune the temple fox. Signed on the back Hako.
Harald Hayen Contempoary carver.
Size 35mm High – 28mm Wide.
Code : 277

Ivory netsuke of Watanabe No Tsuna.
Superb ivory netsuke of a seated Watanabe No Tsuna and the arm of a demon. which he has severed at the Rashomon gate.
Great patina and colour, could have been stained red to depict the bloody battle and severed arm.
Size 31mm High – 51mm Wide.
Code : 268

Ivory netsuke of a rat on rope, signed Hozan.
Good ivory netsuke with a rope seated on a hank of rope, signed on the bottom Hozan 19C. Eyes inlaid in horn.
Size 20mm High – 52mm Wide.
Code : 259

Ivory netsuke of a woman with ball. Signed Tomomitsu.
Good ivory netsuke of kneeling woman with a ball possibly a carpet bowl. Signed on the bottom Tomomitsu.
Size 39mm High.
Code : 219

Ivory netsuke of 3 blind men fighting 19C
Small high quality Ivory netsuke of 3 blind men fighting, good patina.
Size 28mm High.
Code : 191

Dog with large bell sitting on base.
Very good 18C ivory netsuke of a dog, with a large bell on his collar. Rare subject with super patina
Size: 31mm High.
Code : 050

Late 18C Ivory Netsuke of a Sennin.
Good tall netsuke of a sennin could be Chokwaro as no mugwort on robes. Standing with a double gourd.
Chip to toe. Nice patina and wear.
Size: 80mm High.
Code : 034

Wood Ojime of a wasp in fruit, Signed Ha-Ko.
Superb anabori carved ojime with a wasp in a rotten fruit. Signed Ha-Ko.
Height 20mm

Iron Mask Netsuke of a Oni By Hako.
This rare Iron mask netsuke, was created by Hako. Superb detail. Unsigned.
Height 37mm
W 256

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