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Ivory netsuke of a standing Oni Signed Tomomasa.
Super carved ivory netsuke with an oni dancing with a fan over his shoulder, while his empty saki bottle lies on the floor. Repair to foot. Signed on the bottom Tomomasa + Koku.
Height 54mm.
Code : 152

18C Ebony wood netsuke of a south sea coral diver.
Superb rare 18C carved Ebony netsuke of  seated south sea island coral diver. Inlaid ivory himotoshi the eyes are also inlaid and the coral is real. (white mark on ribs in rear pictures has wiped off)
Size 38mm High.
Code : 095

Superb wood netsuke of a Shojo signed Masajo.
This superb wood netsuke of a seated shojo is very typical of the nagoya school and the female artist Masajo C1840, Nice warm patina. Signed on the bottom masajo (Also known as Shojo, Shome).
For a similar example see Lot 307 of the Francoise Storno Collection.
A picture of the signature is in the Bandini book Shishi and other netsuke. Page152 #56.
Size 35mm High.
Code : 161

Ivory netsuke of a Futen on clam signed Jogyuko-to.
An ivory netsuke of futen on a clam shell with his wind bag caught in the clam, It is a spin on the Oni with loin cloth caught by the clam. The underside signed Jogyuko-to 19c.
Note in his eye is some green this has been removed now (plasticine)
Height 30mm.
Code : 154

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