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19C ivory netsuke of a seated Tiger Signed Tadamitsu.
Superb 19C carved ivory netsuke of seated tiger. Natural himotoshi. Good patina, and fine carving. Eyes inlaid with horn. A good compact example in super condition.
Size 30mm High.
Code : 128

Ivory netsuke of Soga Goro Signed Ikkosai.
Superb Meiji period carved ivory netsuke of Soga Goro. Suberb detail and fine carving. Good patina. A very nice netsuke of an unusual theme in super condition.
Size 36mm High.
Code : 129

19C Ivory netsuke of a Fox signed Ryukei.
Rare 19C Ivory carved netsuke of a Pottery fox you can see the seames down the side as it would have been straight from the mould. For a similar one see page 27 of the MCI. Nice patina.
Size 39mm High.
Code : 132

2 part manju netsuke of Jurojin.
Carver in relief this netsuke of Jurojin, with his head-dress which has his scroll tied too. The reverse with his fan a symbol of longevity.
Diameter 38mm
Code : 136

Wood netsuke of Shoki and Oni.
Superb wood netsuke of a comical portrayal with a small shoki trying to pin down a large oni. Himotoshi under Shoki. Good patina, Unsigned 18C With old collection label G236
Provenance :Ex Gaskell Collection.
Hight 30mm
Code : 141

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