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Ivory netsuke of man with carp 19C.
Good quality ivory netsuke with a man seated on a wild carp amongst waves. Himotoshi hidden in the scrolls of the waves. Nice patina.
Size 40mm High.
Code : 179

Negoro Lacquer Karako with Shishimai
Karako with Shishimai mask Negoro Lacquer The term generally applies to lacquerware with a red surface on top of a black lacquer undercoat. The red lacquer wears away gradually after prolonged use, thereby producing this mellow matte surface that is so greatly admired.
Size: 42mm Wide- 40mm High.
Code : 021

Ivory netsuke of a Sennin
Ivory netsuke of a Sennin with loose ball in ball being held.
Size :54mm High.
Code : 014

Wood netsuke of Raiden beating his drum signed Minkoku.
Mid 19c wood netsuke of the raiden the god of thunder. Seated on a circle of drums, with clouds below. His foot has turned one up, which he is beating. Signed on the bottom on a silver reserve Minkoku. Good carving and warm patina.
Size: 35mm High.
Code : 046

Wood netsuke mask of Okame Signed Gyokusho
Good quality wood mask of okame, good size mask.
Size: 57mm High.
Code : 060

Large rare bone ryusa manju of karakos on koro, signed Toshimitsu.
This is a super Ryusa style manju netsuke netsuke. it is very well carved with 3 karakos playing around a large koro with the smoke forming the design. This is the best carving on bone I have come across.  late 18c early19th.
Size 49mm high 45mm wide and 24mm thick.
Code : 069

Rare and fine netsuke of a rat on coolie signed Tomotada.
This rare subject is of a very fine quality. The rat has large inlaid horn eyes, signed on the bottom Tomotada. The hat looks like it is chipped on the rim near the signature, but its the design on the coolie. Himotoshi is through the holes in the head band.
Size 26mm High – 42mm Wide.
Code : 080

Super ivory netsuke of a karako with a mask Signed Masachika.
Very nice ivory netsuke of a small karako wearing one mask with another on his knee. Good compact design with some good detail underneath where it is signed Masachica . mild wear and good patina.
Code : 084

Good Quality Wood inro Ivory netsuke and ojime.
Very nice wood inro, lacquered with characters on the front and back. Ivory ojime of gods signed and this is then echoed in the faces netsuke. small loss on netsuke.
Size: Inro 73mm High 42mm wide.
Code : inr02

Ivory netsuke of a Kirin.
Super ivory netsuke of a Kirin it has slight erotic connotations.
Size 48mm high.
Code : 086

Contemporary Ivory netsuke of a standing man signed shomin .
Early 20c Contemporary carved ivory netsuke of a man standing with his staff, and with a double gourd over his shoulder, superb detail in the carving. Signed in relief cartouche.
Size 45mm High.
Code : 089

Ivory netsuke of a group of shells.
This ivory netsuke of a group of shells has two clams on the corners with building and tree in them. himotoshi formed by shell bridging the gap on the back. nice patina to the rear.
Size 40mm wide.
Code : 089

18C Ivory netsuke of a standing figure.
Superb 18C carved ivory netsuke of  standingfigure possibly a god with his treasure bag over his shoulder. This is a good size standing figure, with superb patina to the back. Good original condition.
Size 80mm High.
Code : 093

19Cwood netsuke of a boy on animal.
Nice 19C carved wood netsuke of a boy with an axe over his shoulder, animal has inlaid eyes.
Size 35mm High.
Code : 097

19C ivory netsuke of 2 men on a boat signed Tomochika.
Rare small ivory netsuke of  2 men on a boat transporting wood. The detail is superb, signed on the base Tomochika.
Size 44mm Wide.
Code : 099

18C/19C Wood netsuke of 2 oni polishing a bell.
Good wood netsuke of 2 oni polishing a bell. Good detail it has what looks like a chip near the Himotoshi, i think its cord wear.
Size 36mm Wide.
Code : 103

Contemporary Ivory netsuke of a seated man signed Shunkoku .
Early 20c Contemporary carved ivory netsuke of a seated man with a kettle on a log next to him while he examines a netsuke on a pipe set under his eye glass. Superb detail in the carving. Signed on the bottom Shunkoku.
Size 29mm High 38mm Wide.
Code : 106

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