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Rare Ivory netsuke of Emma o and an oni Signed Eishin.
This superb rare ivory early Meiji netsuke of Emma o seated staring with an oni. The himotoshi is formed by the baton a symbol of Emma o office. Fine detail in the robes, and facial features. Signed on the bottom Eishin (yei-shin) listed in the MCI.
Height 35mm 42mm long.
Code : 150

Ivory netsuke of a Futen with turtle. Signed Sozan.
Quality ivory netsuke of futen the god of thunder standing beating his drum, with a turtle by his side. the studs on the drum and his eyes are inlaid with dark horn. His garments show swirling wind design. Nice patina, signed Sozan in lacquer cartouch, 19c.
Height 37mm.
Code : 156

Contemporary Ivory netsuke of a Woman signed Hideyuki.
Early 20c Contemporary carved ivory netsuke of a standing woman with a doll in her hands. Superb detail in the carving. Signed on the tail of her kimono Hideyuki.
Size 54mm High.
Code : 158

19c ivory netsuke of a monkey with octopus.
Super ivory netsuke with a monkey trying to keep an octopus under the coolie hat. Small chip to tip of one tentacle.
Size 51mm wide.
Code : 165

19c ivory netsuke of the Rashomon oni signed.
Very good deep stain ivory netsuke of the oni with the arm of the demon, from the gate of Rashomon. Signed on the base. Good size.
Size 53mm wide.
Code : 164

Ivory netsuke of Gwaten Signed 19C.
High quality rare subject of Gwaten the goddess of the moon. signed on the back in a fold of the kimono.
Size 36mm High.
Code : 179

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