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Stag antler Netsuke of a horse.
Very nice and unusual stag antler netsuke of a horse in typical pose. super patina 18C
Code : 026

Superb ivory manju of Kintaro
Signed Moritoshi
This is a super manju, with wonderfull patina and age to the ivory.

Code : 028

Wood rat, signed Naomasa.
Size:37 mm Long.

Code : 032

Mitsunobu wood Ryusa netsuke of a Ho-o bird.
Size: 42mm High.
Code : 038

Ivory netsuke of a performing street porter.
This is a super standing figure of a street porter, probabley doing the sparrow dance. Nice amused expression on his face. Super patina to the back. No damage or repair. Late 18c earley 19c.
Size: 70mm High.
Code : 045

Bishamonten with oni. wood signed shoko.
This is a superp detailed netsuke of Bishamonten the god of war and warrriors, and a dispenser of wealth and good fortune. Bishamonten is also considered a god of healing, with the power to save emperors from life-threatening illness and to expel the demons of plague. which is why we see him here capturing the oni. the condition is superb with a nice mild patina. Signed on the base Shoko.
Shoko was a Hida school carver who worked from 1840-1880 and was a pupil of Sukenaga.
Size: 44mm High.
Code : 044

Ivory Netsuke of 4 Tigers by Kagetoshi.
Kagetoshi was thought to be a Nagoya artist, carving in the manner of Kyoto. Late 18c earley 19c. This super netsuke of 2 adult and 2 young cubs. Adult eyes inlaid with dark horn.
Size: 37mm High.
Code : 039

Superb Tamba school wood Tiger.
This is a very rare netsuke carved in wood with the feel and design of aTamba carver. Originally with gold lacquer strips some still remains in the recess. Tail has been restored with original part. Natural himotoshi.
Size: 30mm High.
Code : 042

Rare lacquered ivory shishi on tama.
This is a super ivory overlaid with lacquer netsuke. Small ball in shishi mouth.
Code : 025

Ivory Netsuke of puppies signed Okatomo .
This is a super detailed netsuke of 2 puppies playing with an abalone shell. one pup has it caught on his tail. One pup has piebald staining, eyes inlaid with horn. Fine detail, and nice patina.
Size: 21mm High.
Code : 040

Shishi with brocade ball wood signed Minkoku Late 18C
Wood netsuke with a Shishi on base, with a brocade ball with further loose ball inside.
Signed on the base Minkoku.
Size: 33mm High.
Code : 035

Wood netsuke mask of Okame Signed
Godd quality wood mask of okame. Nice patina and good condition.
Size: 53mm High.
Code : 059

Anchin hiding in Kiyohime’s bell Signed Shuko (Hidetora)
This is a very unusual netsuke of Anchin who was a wandering priest enamoured by Kiyohime. But when he ignores her she is furious, so he hides in the bell of Dojo-ji. When she finds him she turns into a fiery dragon and wraps around the bell, and Anchin is burned to death.
Late 19C Ivory netsuke. Anchin is loose in the bell so he can be drawn up inside to hide. Signed Shuko but can also be read Hidetora
Code : 068

Standing figure of a Manzai dancer.
High quality standing figure of a Manzai dancer standing on 1 leg.
Code : 002

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