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Ivory Netsuke of Ebisu with karakos on him
Ivory Netsuke of Ebisu with karakos on him. This Netsuke is of the highest quality. Fine detail is superb.

Code : 015

Ivory netsuke of an Oni.
Very Finely carved, ivory netsuke of a Oni digging The detail on this netsuke is very detailed from the hair to his face just superb. His buttons are inlaid with horn.
Signed on the base Gyokusan.
Code : 006

A Japanese ivory netsuke of a hunter and fox signed Gyokumin
A Japanese ivory netsuke of a hunter and fox, 19th Century carved with the hunter kneeling over his basket as the fox jumps on his back in attack, signed. 1 3/8ins (3.5cm) wide.
Signed Gyokumin with Kakihan.
Code : 007

Blind man ivory netsuke signed Tomomasa
his is a very charming Marine ivory Netsuke of a blind monk leaning on his stick. The detail is quite superb.Carved by Tomomasa Born 1848 he was a pupil of Tomochika.
Size: 49mm
Code : 009

Ivory seal netsuke of a shishi.
Unusuall netsuke of seal form.
Size: 32mm High.
Code : 051

Karako holding a fan on large treasure bag.
18C ivory netsuke with a karako (small child) seated on a treasure bag looking pleased with theirself. Super patina.
Size: 35mm High.
Code : 053

Ivory netsuke of Urashima Taro.
Very nice earley 19C netsuke of the legend of Urashima Taro. Good patina and grain in the Ivory.
Size: 32mm High.
Code : 058

Anchin hiding in Kiyohime’s bell Signed Shuko (Hidetora)
This is a very unusual netsuke of Anchin who was a wandering priest enamoured by Kiyohime. But when he ignores her she is furious, so he hides in the bell of Dojo-ji. When she finds him she turns into a fiery dragon and wraps around the bell, and Anchin is burned to death.
Late 19C Ivory netsuke. Anchin is loose in the bell so he can be drawn up inside to hide. Signed Shuko but can also be read Hidetora
Code : 068

Shibayama seated Oni netsuke with a mokugyo Meiji period signed Kosai
Very nicely carved meiji ivory netsuke of a seated oni with a mokugyo gong round his neck. His arm is raised with a ryui scepter. inlaid with light & dark horn with mother of pearl in the design of his loin cloth and within the horn inlays on his back. Signed on the bottom Kosai.
Size 49mm High.
Code : 070

Superb wood netsuke of a stone lifter signed Gyokkei
This is a superb detailed netsuke of a blind man lifting a strength stone in preparation for his job as a masseur. inlaid ivory eye, teeth and signature tablet. Another school of thought is this is a blind beggar lifting his distended scrotum
Size 34mm High.
Code : 072

Ittobori wood netsuke of a cockerel signed Sukesada.
Probably made from Korean pine, this ittobori style netsuke carved as a cockerel. The eyes are inlaid with horn, signed on the underside Sukesada late 19C Hida school.
Size 37mm High.
Code : 074

Stag antler netsuke of a monkey
Very nice stag antler netsuke of a monkey seated with a peach. Nice detail in this 18c netsuke.
Size 41mm High.
Code : 075

Shishi holding a large sacred ball.
High quality 19C ivory netsuke with a shishi. powerfull look with nice patina.
Size: 50mm High.
Code : 056

Wood Netsuke of Ono no Komachi signed Chikusai.
Superb quality wood netsuke of the famous Heian poetess seated on a grave stone. Signed on the base Chikusai who was from Hamadera just outside Osaka. He carved from 1850-75.
Size: 33mm High.
Code : 048

Ivory Netsuke of a temple Nio being painted by 3 men. Signed Tomochika mid19C
This is a superb Netsuke typical Tomochika style, seen here are 2 men painting or cleaning a large stone temple Nio. Super detail in robes and the men. signed in wavy reserve on the back. This netsuke is recorded in the MCI page 890. Chip to fingers on raised hand, not seen from the front.
Provenance : Frederick Meinertzhagen.
Size: 56mm High.
Code : 041

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