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Ivory netsuke of Tadamori and the oil thief 19C
Superb high quality Ivory netsuke of Tadamori and the oil thief. Very well carved netsuke with excellent facial features and the use of stain. Wonderful movement and patina. Himotoshi through sleeve.
Size 50mm High.
Code : 195

Ivory netsuke of a pair of woodcutters, signed O-No-Ryomin 19C
Very high quality Ivory netsuke of a pair of woodcutters with a dog at the feet. Superb detailed carving with the himotoshi under the gourd on the back. Signed on the bottom O-No-Ryomin.
Size 39mm High.
Code : 194

Ivory netsuke of a seated man signed Tomomitsu 19C
Good quality Ivory netsuke of a seated man carving a mask of okame. Signed on the bottom Tomomitsu.
Size 37mm High.
Code : 193

Ivory netsuke of an ox signed Masatsugu 19C
Superb high quality Ivory netsuke of an ox, superb quality structure to the ox with good patina. Signed on the bottom Masatsugu.
Size 44mm Long.
Code : 192

Ivory shunga netsuke of a woman suckling her baby 19C
Superb high quality Ivory netsuke of a seated woman with her baby suckling from her. This Shunga netsuke has a further surprise when you look in  the himotoshi as the lady is exposed!.
Size 45mm High.
Code : 190

Ivory netsuke of a Shishi 18C.
Superb high quality Ivory netsuke of a standing Shishi with one foot on a tama. Good patina and detail, the tail has pierced work.
Size 33mm High.
Code : 189

Ivory netsuke of a boar. Signed Gyokko 19C.
This very good carving of a boar with good fine hair work and inlaid eyes. Signed on the base with Kakihan Gyokko.
Size 25mm High 42mm long.
Code : 182

Wood mask netsuke of Okame signed Shuosai 19C.
High quality wood mask of Okame. Himotoshi ringed with green and white ivory. signed on the back Deme Shuosai.
Ex Sotheby’s
Exhibited Eskenazi 98
Size 49mm High.
Code : 181

Wood mask netsuke of Raiden Signed Deme Uman 19C.
High quality wood mask of Raiden the god of thunder. articulated lower jaw signed on the back Deme Uman.
Ex Sotheby’s
Size 41mm High.
Code : 180

Contemporary netsuke entitled Ryu and Tora by Nick Lamb.
Superb carving in Boxwood of the tiger meaning strength and the dragon meaning wisdom entwined together. Eyes of the tiger inlaid with amber and the dragons eyes and horns are from mammouth ivory. himotoshi formed with a loop in the tail.
With fitted Tomobako
Size 84mm high.
Code : 169

Wood netsuke of 3 men sitting around a hibachi signed Shuzan.
Very nice wood netsuke of 3 figures seated around a hibachi to keep warm. Nice warm patina. Signed on the bottom Shuzan.
Size 35mm High.
Code : 160

Ivory netsuke of a Monkey with a peach.
Ivory netsuke of a seated monkey with a peach, nice hair work ,and patina.
Size 38mm High.
Code : 159

wood netsuke of a Fugu fish signed Miwa.
This superb wood netsuke of a fugu or blow fish. Good patina to the wood, with nice detail. Signed on the bottom Miwa.
Height 27mm 45mm long.
Code : 148

Ivory netsuke of a figure and animals Signed Komin Ichiyeisai.
Superb 19C ivory carved netsuke of a figure standing astride an animal. The detail in this netsuke is superb, and all intact with no loss or repair. Signed on the base Komin Ichiyeisai, it is said his carving often came from the mind.
Size 38mm High.
Code : 133

Ivory netsuke of a karako with a goat, signed Mitsunobu.
This very good standing figure of a karako in chinese style garments, holding a goat. The face is very well carved as are the himotoshi which are raised and deep. signed on the bottom Mitsunobu probabley the Osaka one mid to late 19c.
Size 55mm high.
Code : 088

Super ivory netsuke of a bamboo farmer signed Yoshinaga.
This is a very competant ivory netsuke from the school of Yoshinaga. The detail is superb the end of his tool is inlaid with horn, which is on both sides.
Size 56mm high.
Code : 087

Superb high quality Ivory netsuke of a Rat catcher signed Ikko (Ichi-ko).
Super rendition of the disappointed rat catcher. The look of anguish on the poor mans face, as the rat makes his escape over his shoulder. Signed on the underside of his box Ikko first half of the 19C. Good patina and a very high degre of carving. Small toe missing
Size 34mm High – 40mm Wide.
Code : 081

Ivory netsuke of  3 Monkeys.
Superb quality ivory netsuke of 3 monkeys in the hear no see no speak no evil pose. The carving is of a very high quality, natural himotoshi over the scroll on the bottom. Meiji period carving.
Code : 077

Otafuku (happy woman).
Very good netsuke made in ivory with horn inlaid dots on her head. Super patina with chimney himotoshi. Seen here kneeling and leaning on a box.
Size: 37mm High.
Code : 054

Ivory netsuke of a Sennin
Earley Meiji period ivory netsuke of a sennin with his staff. Great detail with a fantastic honey yellow patina to back. One toe may have been chipped, but has worn smooth again with time.
Code : 015

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