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Gold & Silver Ojime with Cherry tree and flowers.
Superb solid Gold & Silver ojime with a cherry tree trunk and flowers and foliage. An outline of Fuji and wisps of water give subtle but suggestive meaning.
Size 16mm high- 10mm wide.
Early 19th C
Code : OJ177

Ivory ojime with a snowman Daruma , signed Ha Yen.

This simple small ojime with a slightly lop sided snowman in the form of daruma, has great charm. Inlaid eyes signed Ha Yen.
Contemporary carver Hako.
Height 15mm – 14mm Wide.
Code : H25

Silver Ojime as a skull.
Superb silver patinated ojime in the form of a skull. unsigned.
Contemporary carver Hako.
Height 12mm – 16mm Wide.
Code : H24


Japanese lacquer fishing box, with ojime signed Tani (Kokusai).
This unusual Lacquer box probably for fishing bait with a lid compartment for your odds and ends made to resemble a wicker basket. Crack to side of box. Ojime Signed with seal Tani (Kokusai) perfect condition.
Inro height 80mm – wide 105mm – 65mm deep.
Ojime 11mm wide – 7mm-7mm.
Code : inr 015

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