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Japanese Kiseruzutsu tobacco set
This nice quality pipe case has the ability to extend to fit a longer pipe if required. we have never come across a 3 section Kiseruzutsu. Ivory god faces ojime and pouch.
Case closed height 245mm – wide 29mm
Code : inr 011
£500 C

Japanese pouch with dragon.

This good quality Pouch (purse) has a dragon to the front, and dragon related metalwork. Just needs a nice dragon manju to complete.
Pouch Height 60mm – wide 72mm
Code : inr 008
£550 C Reduced £400

High quality ivory Okimono of  a hunter
Super okimono of a standing figure of a hunter standing on one foot while trying to hold onto a snake. I think this is marine ivory the eyes are inlaid with light horn. It has had a repair to his elbowand core plugs in the side of his hat, one missing.
Size: 173mm High from the wood base.
£525 Reserved.
Code : Oki004


High quality ivory Okimono of  a seated man putting on waraji signed.
Superb small okimono of a seated figure putting on his waraji (straw sandal). Signed on the base. The detail in the face and the lace on the sandal, are of a very high quality.
Size: 51mm High.
Code : Oki003


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