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Ivory handle with minogame.
This unusual handle is superb in its details the minogame are perfect with long flowing tails the collar has a MOP peg which would have secured the blade.
handle height 102mm – wide 25mm – 12mm deep.
Code : oki005

Japanese lacquer Inro with coral Ojime, Journey to the west. Signed Kajikawa.
This inro is of the highest quality with a very rare depiction of the Journey to the west. The font has Zhu Bajie (the boar) seated with Sha Wujing standing by his side. The reverse has the Sun Wukong the monkey god also known as the Son Goku monkey in Japanese. A variety of inlay has been used with ivory, amber, sumi lacquer, gold and mother of pearl. Signed Kajikawa with red pot seal
Inro height 90mm – wide 58mm – 22mm deep.
Ojime 10mm wide- 10mm high – 10mm deep.
Code : inr 018

Japanese wood & lacquer Inro, with ojime and netsuke.
A rare wood 3 case inro with a dragon on both sides in swirling clouds the inside in black lacquer, the eyes inlaid in light horn. signed on the bottom Shirendo Isshi. wood ojime in the form of a skull. Netsuke with Chokowaro sennin emerging from scroll with his horse on the reverse. Signed masatomo
Inro height 74mm – wide 58mm – 23mm deep.
Ojime 15mm wide- 18mm high – 20mm deep.
Netsuke 46mm high- 37mm wide.
Code : inr 017
£1,800 Reserved.



Japanese 3 compartment lacquer inro signed Kanshosai Toyo.
This high quality Lacquer inro has a meandering stream in togidashi with fallen maple leaves. Signed Kanashosai with seal. It also carry’s a design attribution Hogen Eisen plus seal from a painting by Hogen Eisen.
Similar see Lazarnick P1185
Inro height 70mm – wide 70mm – 18mm deep.
Code : inr 014

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