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Japanese Ivory Okimono with octopus and Amma.
Stunning carved Ivory Okimono with Shunga connotations as the Amma holds the beak of the Octopus, while the tip of one tentikle is disappearing up her loin cloth. unread but signed of handle of sikle.
Height 60mm – wide 77mm – 41mm deep
Code : oki 022
£1425 Reserved.

Large Japanese Ivory Okimono boy crawling.
Nicely carved Okimono with a boy crawling.
Height 37mm – wide 90mm – 27mm deep
Code : oki 021

Small Japanese Ivory Okimono boy crawling.
Similar to the larger one this one has a more elaborate pattern on his garment..
Height 32mm – wide 48mm – 20mm deep
Code : oki 020

Japanese Ivory Inro with Antler Ojime, Rakans. Signed Tomochika.
This inro is unusual as it is all Ivory. 4 compartment construction with depictions of Rakan on both sides one with a dragon issuing from an Alms bowl.
Inro height 82mm – wide 55mm – 18mm deep.
Ojime 15mm wide- 15mm high – 15mm deep.
Code : inr 019

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