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Glass body Ojime.
This green and black glass ojime has small multi colour roundel’s to the sides.
Late 18thC
Height 15mm – 17mm wide.
Code OJ185

Silver body Ojime with Owl in tree.
This stunnig silver body ojime has a Owl sitting in a tree, highlights picked out with gold. The Moon on the rear giving the nigh time link. Generous himotoshi.
Late 18thC
Height 12mm – 18mm wide.
Code OJ184

Ivory Monkey Ojime.
Superb detailed Ivory Ojime as a Saru (Monkey) in a Hapi jacket, carved as to be clutching the inro cord.
Size 15mm high- 12mm wide.
19th C
Code : OJ183

Ivory Ojime with Temple servants.
Very well carved Ivory ojime with a high degree of undercut, showing 2 temple servants standing and 1 sitting on a rock.
Size 23mm high- 13mm wide.
19th C
Code : OJ182

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