• Bone Okimono


    An okimono may be a small Japanese carving, similar to, but larger than netsuke. Unlike netsuke, which have a specific purpose, okimono are purely decorative and are displayed in the tokonoma. An okimono can be made out of wood, ivory, ceramic or metal.

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  • Contemporary netsuke, fish, miniature sculpture

    Netsuke- Contemporary

    Contemporary netsuke, miniature sculptures from craftsman who produce  extraordinary detail with exemplary skill. A continuation of the 17th century Japanese tradition of imbuing a functional pouch toggle with artistic expression to create a collectible item.

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  • Ojime bead


    An ojime, "cord fastener" is a bead used in Japanese inrō (carrying cases). It is typically under an inch in length. Each is carved into a particular shape and image, similar to the netsuke, though smaller. It is used to fasten the cord of the inrō so that it does not unstack while carried.

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  • Inro, showing open sectors
    Inro, showing open sectors


    An "Inro" is a traditional Japanese case for holding small objects, suspended from the obi (sash) worn around the waist when wearing a kimono. They are often highly decorated with various materials such as lacquer and various techniques such as maki-e, and are more decorative than other Japanese lacquerware.

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Over the last few years the number of new carvers has grown, with many of these well known carvers gaining commissions. As a dealer I have helped a few carvers along the way with help and advice, I am always happy to chat with new carvers and put them in touch with other carvers. Many current day carvers work is in as much in demand as the carvers of the past. Remember though not all new works are regarded as contemporary, while we wholeheartedly support artists we condone those that carve to deceive buyers, by adding superfluous signatures.
If in any doubt ask, even if it’s not from us we would rather you purchased legitimate works than hand over your hard urned on a fake.